Our know-how for you: for more than 50 years

Study, design and manufacture for over 50 years Small, medium and large industrial series

Découpe laser acier

Laser cutting from 0.5 to 25mm

With our high-technology equipment,
the company is specialised in cutting
of thin and medium thicknesses.

Pliage CN et mécano-soudure

CNC Folding and sheet metal working

Les Etablissements Morel have the know-how
to bring you a full service:
CNC Folding and sheet metal working.

Objets décoratifs personnalisés

Personalised decorative objects

Always looking to innovate,
the company has diversified
into the personalisation of designer objects.

Mécano-soudure belley Ain

The company

Thanks to its reasonable size, with around 15 employees, the company can be very reactive concerning their client’s satisfaction.

Based in Belley (01 – FR) for more than 50 years, Les Etablissements Morel produce, in their workshops, very diverse parts, going from simple sheet cutting to the manufacture of complex and varied products for all types of activity.

What’s more, thanks to their partners, the company can provide finished machined parts, painted on request.

Within a quality process and aiming for continuous customer satisfaction, the company has an aggressive investment policy with regular renewal of their machine park.

Their skills allow the company to accompany customers in the conception as well as the improvement of their products.


Quality, reactivity, versatility are our daily watchwords.


References in different domains

Simple presentation of the process

Production capacity, quality of investment and the know-how of the teams lead to high quality bespoke creations.

cao plan mécano-soudure
CAD for your blueprints
Découpe laser industrielle
Laser cutting from 0.5 to 25mm
pliage CN toutes formes
All types of CNC folding
soudure acier
Steel welding

Our services

The services provided to our clientele are very diverse. They allow the company to provide a full package :

cutting -> folding -> welding -> machining -> painting -> transport within your timeframe.


As an example, our know-how and reactivity have allowed us to become the principle supplier of Conductix-Wampfler France.

Metallurgical news
News and innovation: focus on the year’s events
Ets Morel Bugey Expo
When designer objects call for the technology of the metallurgical industry
Bugey Expo Fair

The Bugey Expo Fair has allowed Les Etablissements Morel to showcase new skills in the personalisation of products.

Salon Smile Belley 2017
Smile Bugey : Industrial and business jobs trade fair
Industrial and business jobs trade fair - Belley

Seeking to attract young people to the world of industry, the company participated actively at SMILE fair 2017.